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The most affordable system

Clock Use

Start clocking now

Clock use authorization
PC's, tablets, mobiles
Personal or public clocks

Use it anywhere

You may authorize clock use on pc's, tablets, laptops or mobiles.

Personal or Public

Authorize clock use on the tablet reception for public employee access or on every employee's PC for personal time clock use.

Free 30 days trial

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No credit card required
Inexpensive time clock

Free Trial

After your 30 day trial, if you still think Emplotime is the best solution, pay as little as $1 USD per employee per month.

Most affordable

Least expensive time an attendance system in the world. Flat rate.

Admin Portal

Easy-to-use portal

Add employees
See working hours
Print and export reports


Add employees, see and update working hours and print reports on this easy-to-use portal.


Add any feature you like: Buddy punch lockout, daily and weekly OT, allow notes, geolocation and more.

The best web-based time clock system. It is also the least expensive.

No installation needed. Login to your portal to create employees and authorize the PC's/tablets to be used as the company time clocks, the devices will be used to Clock In and Out. Authorize as many clocks as you need

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The best time and attendance time clock for small business

Web responsive time and attendance application

Use it anywhere. 100% responsive app.

Emplotime is 100% responsive .You can use it on any device, including PC's, tablets or mobile phones. Get notified when an employee clocks in or out.

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